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Mailing Lists and IRC

There are several ways to connect with the SmartOS and Illumos communities.

Mailing Lists

The best place to talk about SmartOS is the smartos-discuss mailing list. If you wish to send mail to the list you'll need to join, but you can view and search the archives online without being a member. The discussion list is the best way to find a broad range of people who may be working on the same problems or have answered the same questions you have.

There are also other related mailing lists for software included in, or related to, SmartOS; e.g.,


IRC is a great place to interact in real time with other SmartOS users, and (perhaps) get quick answers to questions when you're in the middle of something and need advice.

We can be found in the following channels on

  • #smartos: The Official SmartOS/Triton Channel (Channel Logs)
  • #manta: The Official Manta Channel (Channel Logs)
  • #illumos: For discussion of the Illumos project and its distributions (Channel Logs)
  • #joyent: People often find us here, but #smartos is preferred.

Other Resources

Most of the community can also be found on Twitter. Some other Twitter sources of SmartOS news include:

  • @joyent corporate steward of SmartOS and Triton
  • @joyentsmartos┬áSmartOS-specific twitter account for news and commentary
  • @SmartDataCenter┬áTriton-specific twitter account for news and commentary
  • @MantaStorage┬áManta-specific twitter account for news and commentary

When tweeting about SmartOS, consider using the #smartos Hashtag.