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illumos and SmartOS Basics

This page lists some resources for understanding and using SmartOS in general.


  • The OpenSolaris Bible Relevant chapters are:
    • Ch 7 Disks, Local File Systems, and the Volume Manager (except for the volume manager)
    • Ch 8 ZFS
    • Ch 9 Networking
    • Ch 10 Network File Systems and Directory Services
    • Ch 11 Security
    • Ch 12 Fault Management
    • Ch 13 Service Management
    • Ch 14 Monitoring and Observability (except SNMP)
    • Ch 15 DTrace
    • Ch 17 Virtualization (except xVM, does not cover kvm/bhyve)
    • Ch 18 Resource Management
    • Ch 19 Zones (except ipkg; lx content is entirely out of date)

Basic System Administration

Performance, Profiling, and Programming



How To


Jack Adams learns why you can't Telnet into a Solaris machine.