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h1. The DTrace Book


Read a [sample chapter on Brendan's blog|].


* [Introduction to the DTrace Book|]
* [What's in the DTrace Book|]

h1. Blogs
* [Adam Leventhal|]
* [Bill Pijewski|]
* [Brendan Gregg|]
* [Bryan Cantrill|]
* [Dave Pacheco|]
* [Eric Schrock|]
* [Robert Mustacchi|]

h1. Videos

* [Little Shop of Performance Horrors|]
* [DTrace BoF at LISA10|]
* [Using DTrace to Analyze Your Webstack|]
* [Brendan Gregg on DTrace|] at the Kernel Conference Australia, 2009
* [How to Build Better Applications with Oracle Solaris DTrace|]
* [Observing Your App and Everything Else it Runs on Using DTrace|]
* [DTracing Your Website|]

h2. Cloud Analytics, DTrace and Visualization
* [Visualizing DTrace: Sun Storage 7000 Analytics|]
* [Visualizations for Performance Analysis (and More)|]
* [SmartDataCenter: Analytics and Introspection|]
* [How to Use Analytics to Quickly Spot Garbage Collection Latency with Node.js|]
* [Rough Cuts: Video From Our Node.js Community Event|]
* [Welcome to Cloud Analytics|]
* [Executive Speaker Series: Bryan Cantrill and Brendan Gregg on Cloud Analytics|]