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DTrace is a performance analysis and troubleshooting tool included by default with various operating systems, including illumos, Solaris, Mac OS X and FreeBSD. A Linux port is in development.

*DTrace instruments all software.*

Not just user-level software, including applications, databases and webservers, but also the operating system kernel and device drivers. The name is short for Dynamic Tracing: an instrumentation technique pioneered by DTrace which dynamically patches live running instructions with instrumentation code. The DTrace facility also supports Static Tracing: where user-friendly trace points are added to code and compiled-in before deployment.

DTrace provides a language, 'D', for writing DTrace scripts and one-liners. The language is like C and awk, and provides powerful ways to filter and summarize data in-kernel before passing to user-land. This is an important feature that enables DTrace to be used in performance-sensitive production environments, as it can greatly reduce the overhead of gathering and presenting data. ...[more|]

There is also a [pony|].

h1. DTrace for Beginners

* [Tutorial: DTrace by Example|]
* [Using DTrace to Analyze Your Webstack|] (short video)
* [Top 10 DTrace scripts for Mac OS X|]
* [Introducción a DTrace|] (in Spanish)

h2. More DTrace

* [DTrace FAQs|]
* [Advanced DTrace Tips, Tricks and Gotchas|]
* [DTrace: printf debugging for seventh-level wizards|]

h2. Books

* [DTrace Guide|] \- now ported and updated for illumos\!
* Dynamic Tracing Guide: the original reference manual, freely available as a 408 page [PDF|] (2008)
* [Solaris Performance and Tools|]: takes Solaris perf analysis further with DTrace, 440 pages (2006)
* DTrace: the DTrace book of scripts and strategy, 1100 pages (2011). Read a [sample chapter on Brendan's blog|].

h3. Videos About the DTrace Book

* [Introduction to the DTrace Book|]
* [What's in the DTrace Book|]
* [Brendan's talk at BayLISA about DTrace and the DTrace book|]
* [Updated DTrace book intro, DTrace book and Solaris 11|]

h2. Blogs
* [Adam Leventhal|]
* [Bill Pijewski|]
* [Brendan Gregg|]
* [Bryan Cantrill|]
* [Dave Pacheco|]
* [Eric Schrock|]
* [Robert Mustacchi|]

h2. Videos on DTrace

* [Bryan Cantrill's Google Tech Talk|]
* [Breaking Down MySQL/Percona Query Latency With DTrace|]
* [Little Shop of Performance Horrors|]
* [DTrace BoF at LISA10|]
* [Brendan Gregg on DTrace|] at the Kernel Conference Australia, 2009
* [How to Build Better Applications with Oracle Solaris DTrace|]
* [Observing Your App and Everything Else it Runs on Using DTrace|]
* [DTracing Your Website|]
* [The Problems Solaris Solves: Diagnosing Live Systems with DTrace|]