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Assuming IPMI has been configured, it's possible to get Illumos systems to generate a sytem crash dump by sending the host a  NMI (non-maskable interrupt)  via IPMI. To send an NMI first obtain ipmitool from its website.  Then issue the following command:

Once receiving the NMI, the crash dump will be written to /var/crash and the system will reboot. Please contact Joyent support (if you are a customer) or engineering via the Freenode IRC channel #smartos or the smartos-discuss mailing list, as they'll likely be interested in taking a look at the dump.

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  1. Feb 22, 2012

    Does this require IPMI capable hardware? Or does the SmartOS image have some sort of underlying software-based IPMI layer? Sorry for the novice question. I do have couple supermicro systems with IPMI and just having remote KVM/power/ISO-mounting is great. Unfortunately, the board I'm using for SmartOS doesn't have IPMI.

    1. Feb 22, 2012

      I'm pretty sure you need a system with a BMC that supports IPMI.  There's probably a way triggering a crash dump via serial or some other method.  The mailing list is the right place to ask about these things.