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h3. Observability

Users of Illumos, [Mac OS X|] and FreeBSD know that \[[DTrace|DTrace]\|\] gives you an unprecedented view of what's going on throughout the software stack. In SmartOS, this allows operators to observe and troubleshoot across all the zones and nodes in an entire data center. In [SmartDataCenter|], [Triton|], the Joyent team have harnessed the power of DTrace in a more user-friendly form with [Cloud Analytics|], Analytics|], which is available to both cloud operators and their customers.

h3. Security
h2. Orchestrating the Cloud

SmartOS allows a cloud hosting provider to put more customers on the physical server (each in their own SmartMachine), while still giving them all phenomenal performance. Joyent's servers typically run at 70% CPU capacity, against an industry standard of 15%. Joyent SmartMachines also [run faster|]. SmartOS provides the underlying features; [SmartDataCenter|] [Triton|] adds the orchestration layer that abstracts these concepts and operations to a GUI and/or [API layer|]. layer|].

h2. Beyond the Cloud