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# imgadm avail | grep base-64 name=base-64
c02a2044-c1bd-11e4-bd8c-dfc1db8b0182 base-64-lts 14.4.0 smartos 2015-03-03T15:55:44Z
24648664-e50c-11e4-be23-0349d0a5f3cf base-64-lts 14.4.1 smartos 2015-04-17T14:15:04Z
4166f6d6-ea5f-11e4-addd-8351b159d9b6 base-64 15.1.0 smartos 2015-04-24T08:52:36Z
b67492c2-055c-11e5-85d8-8b039ac981ec base-64-lts 14.4.2 smartos 2015-05-28T17:12:26Z
0edf00aa-0562-11e5-b92f-879647d45790 base-64 15.1.1 smartos 2015-05-28T17:50:41Z
5c7d0d24-3475-11e5-8e67-27953a8b237e base-64 15.2.0 smartos 2015-07-27T15:37:17Z
163cd9fe-0c90-11e6-bd05-afd50e5961b6 base-64 16.1.0 smartos zone-dataset 2016-04-27
13f711f4-499f-11e6-8ea6-2b9fb858a619 base-64 16.2.0 smartos zone-dataset 2016-07-14
adf9565c-8be6-11e6-a077-57637270218d base-64 16.3.0 smartos zone-dataset 2016-10-06
70e3ae72-96b6-11e6-9056-9737fd4d0764 base-64 16.3.1 smartos zone-dataset 2016-10-20
f6acf198-2037-11e7-8863-8fdd4ce58b6a base-64 17.1.0 smartos zone-dataset 2017-04-13
643de2c0-672e-11e7-9a3f-ff62fd3708f8 base-64 17.2.0 smartos zone-dataset 2017-07-12

# imgadm import 5c7d0d24-3475-11e5-8e67-27953a8b237e 643de2c0-672e-11e7-9a3f-ff62fd3708f8
Importing 5c7d0d24-3475-11e5-8e67-27953a8b237e (base-64@15.2.0) 643de2c0-672e-11e7-9a3f-ff62fd3708f8 (base-64@17.2.0) from ""
Gather image 5c7d0d24-3475-11e5-8e67-27953a8b237e 643de2c0-672e-11e7-9a3f-ff62fd3708f8 ancestry
Must download and install 1 image (127.2 (176.6 MiB)
Imported image 5c7d0d24-3475-11e5-8e67-27953a8b237e (base-64@15.2.0)
Imported image 643de2c0-672e-11e7-9a3f-ff62fd3708f8 (base-64@17.2.0)

You will referenced this image's UUID when you create the zone manifest.

h3. The Zone Manifest
* *max_physical_memory*: Amount of RAM (RSS) available to the zone in MB
* *quota*: Amount of disk space in GB
* *resolvers:* DNS nameservers for this zone to use (placed in the zone's {{/etc/resolv.conf}} file)
* *nics*: One or more network interfaces attached to this zone

"brand": "joyent",
"image_uuid": "5c7d0d24-3475-11e5-8e67-27953a8b237e", "643de2c0-672e-11e7-9a3f-ff62fd3708f8",
"alias": "web01",
"hostname": "web01",
h3. Connecting to your Zone

Once you have created a zone with {{vmadm create}}, you can log into your zone via ssh or connect to the console with one of two methods: