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availability, baseline, bash, binary, bursting cap, caps, code, contribute, cpu, create-machine, creating, crossbow, customization, cycle, dladm, dtrace fair, freebsd, getvmusage, global, guest, ha, high, hypervisor
illumos, imgadm, ip, ipv6, iso, jails, json, kernel, kvm, led, linux machine, manifest, manifold, memory, mercurial, migrate, multiarch, namespace, nfs, ntp oi, omnios, os
package, page, pkgsrc, pool, prctl, proc, process, prsinfo, prstat, pxe, pxeboot, qemu rbac, resource, rm_asrss, rss scheduler, sdc, share, shares, smartos, smf, specials, svcadm, svccfg, unsupported, usage, usb
virtual, virtualbox, vm, vmadm, vrrp, wackamole, windows, xml, zfs, zone