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Typically, to produce a manifest, you need to open a text editor and manually write the XML yourself. However, writing XML in this way is time consuming, tedious and error prone. An alternative to writing out the manifest is to use a tool that automatically builds the manifest such as manifold. With manifold, you can quickly generate manifests for custom applications by simply answering a few questions.

You can install this on SmartOS through pkgsrc :

Building a Manifest

You can use the following procedure to build your manifest using manifold.

To build a manifest, run this command:

The reference to "myservice.xml" is the name of the manifest you want to generate. manifold will then prompt you for a series of answers. The answers you provide define the scope of the manifest. For example:

You can validate the XML generated by manifold with the svccfg command (see svccfg). For example:

Once you generate a manifest, you can import it by running:

After importing, you will need to enable it with:

The reference to "myservice" is the name of the service that you specify when running manifold.

For more information on manifold, see
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