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Here you'll find information about the SmartOS Community, how to participate and connect with it.

In this section:

SmartOS T-Shirts

Marco van Lienen (@scarcry) Chris Hogue - yes, he earned this!  

^ Scott McWhirter aka Konobi with, um, that guy from Game of Thrones.

Jonathan Perkin, Joyent Son of Joyent's Philip Borenstein Jorge Schrauwen

And how do you get one of these wonderful shirts? The best way is to contribute to SmartOS. Jonathan does stuff like this. Philip (who doesn't wear t-shirts himself, hence asked for one for his son) is on Joyent's documentation team. Stu (below) blogged about Using SmartOS for Node.js Development.

^ The ever-amazing Ben Rockwood, with two of his gorgeous kids:

And Licenser!

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