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The OpenSolaris Bible (2009) was written by Nick Solter, Jerry Jelinek, and Dave Miner when they all worked at Sun. Although the title refers to the OpenSolaris distribution that no longer exists, most of the information of the book is still very pertinent to SmartOS and its parent kernel, illumos.

Thanks to Jerry for this information.

Chapter Pertinent to SmartOS?
I. Introduction to OpenSolaris.  
1. What Is OpenSolaris? Partially applicable but OpenSolaris as a project and community no longer exists. Download chapter.
2. Installing OpenSolaris. No.  SmartOS normally runs as a live image and is not installed.  More information about setting up SmartOS is here.
3. OpenSolaris Crash Course. Yes, except for the discussions about the GUI/Desktop and boot environments.
II. Using OpenSolaris  
4. The Desktop. No
5. Printers and Peripherals. No
6. Software Management. No.  SmartOS uses the pkgin software management system.
III. OpenSolaris File Systems, Networking, and Security.  
7. Disks, Local File Systems, and the Volume Manager. Yes, except for the section on the Volume Manager
8. ZFS. Yes
9. Networking. Yes, except for the discussion of NWAM
10. Network File Systems and Directory Services. Yes
11. Security. Yes
IV. OpenSolaris Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability.  
12. Fault Management. Yes
13. Service Management. Yes
14. Monitoring and Observability. Yes, except for the discussion of SNMP
15. DTrace. Yes
16. Clustering for High Availability. No
V. OpenSolaris Virtualization.  
17. Virtualization Overview. Yes, but KVM is not covered and the discussion of the xVM hypervisor is not applicable.
18. Resource Management. Yes
19. Zones. Yes, but the discussion of the ipkg and lx branded zones is not applicable.  SmartOS uses joyent branded zones.  Recent work to resurrect the LX brand is underway, but it exceeds the scope of what was written at the time of this book's publishing.  Ipkg zones don't exist in SmartOS.
20. xVM Hypervisor. No, SmartOS uses KVM.
21. Logical Domains (LDoms). No
22. VirtualBox. Partially applicable.  SmartOS can be run in a VirtualBox but KVM is the preferred option for hosting another OS on SmartOS.
VI. Developing and Deploying on OpenSolaris.  
23. Deploying a Web Stack on OpenSolaris. Yes
24. Developing on OpenSolaris. Yes

Much more on OpenSolaris here.

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