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This topic contains helpful commands with examples of each command that will help you manage SmartOS. These tips were derived from a blog post by community member Mark Slatem. You can follow Mark and his adventures with the Illumos family of technology at:

Mark's blog on the awesomeness of SmartOS: SMARTCORE

In this topic:


These commands are specifically related to disks and ZFS pools.

Checking the health of disks and ZFS pool

zpool status

Checking the status of RAW space on a zpool

zpool list

Checking the status of usable space on a ZFS volume

zfs list zones

Turning on ZFS compression for an entire SmartOS system and confirm its enabled

zfs set compression=on zones && zfs get compression zones

Checking the status of the data compression ratio for zones

zfs get compressratio zones

Checking the current ZFS ARC size

kstat -p zfs:0:arcstats:size | cut -f2

Watching ARC statistics in real-time

arcstat 1 10

Checking the amount of space used by snapshots on a specific virtual machine

zfs list -o space zones/UUID-disk0

Watching individual disk read and write operations

zpool iostat -v zones 10

Listing specific virtual machine attributes including disk quotas

vmadm list -o uuid,type,ram,nics.0.ip,quota,alias | grep -v KVM

Increasing the disk space for a Joyent branded virtual machine on the fly

vmadm update UUID quota=X

Determining if any virtual machines are being ZFS IO throttled

d/s and del_t are very important

vfsstat -M -Z 5

Determining how busy disks are with activity

%w and %b are very important

iostat -xzn 5

Seeing raw page allocations for ZFS file data

echo ::memstat | mdb -k

Determining if disk I/O is the source of application latency for a virtual machine

ziostat -Z 5

CPU and Memory

These commands are specifically related to statistics about CPU and memory.

Checking the CPU and core count

psrinfo -vp

Looking at my CPU statistics and checking the balance for core utilisation

mpstat 1 5

Checking the amount of memory on a system

prtconf | head -3 | grep Mem

Checking virtual memory statistics


Checking process statistics for a system and virtual machine zones

prstat -Z

Determining if virtual machines are running out of memory


Seeing what is using SWAP space

ps -eo pid,comm,vsz | sort -nk3

Determining how system memory is being allocated

echo ::memstat | mdb -k

Examining a specific zone for a virtual machine to determine what process is using RSS / memory

prstat -s rss -z 12

Checking interrupt statistics


Seeing what is using a specific interrupt

echo ::interrupts | mdb -k

Generating complete overview of a SmartOS system



These commands are specifically related to statistics about networking.

Seeing the status of Network interfaces

dladm show-phys

Seeing the MAC addresses for Network interfaces

dladm show-phys -m

Listing virtual network interfaces and seeing the zone to which they belong

dladm show-vnic

Figuring out where to configure additional Network interfaces or VLANs

Persisting vnics across reboots section on Managing NICs page shows correct syntax.


Watching network interface packet statistics in real-time

The first line entry is total packets

netstat -I igb0 1 6

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