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The following are working examples of manifests for running servers through SMF.

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This SMF profile is for running Rails apps with mongrel_cluster. It allows you to create an instance for each different Rails app you are running.

Make a copy of the instance tags for each mongrel_cluster app and fill in the details (replace INSTANCE_NAME, /PATH/TO/RAILS/APP, USERNAME, and GROUP).

Start the mongrel cluster instance with

mongrel_cluster Recipe


This recipe assumes that you have installed CouchDB and are running it with the couchdb user/group.

This manifest is for CouchDB 0.7.3/0.8.0 and assumes that you have ICU installed in /opt/local and SpiderMonkey installed in /opt/local/spidermonkey. Change the LD_LIBRARY_PATH envar name to suit your configuration.

CouchDB Recipe


Nginx Recipe

TomEE / Tomcat

TomEE or Tomcat
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