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This is a set of instructions to allow one to refer to virtual machines by their alias instead of UUID as long as the alias is unique


Wrapper function

After creating persistent root dot files, append this to wrapper function to your .bashrc

.bashrc excerpt

Example usage

Variation of wrapper function

I came up with this wrapper because I found the need to add the word alias too cumbersome for my lazy self. This wrapper will let you use either uuid or alias.

.bashrc excerpt

Example Usage

Optional: Bash tab completion

Allows tab completion of available aliases when using 'vmadm alias <command> <alias>' or 'vmadm alias <alias>'. Apply this patch to /etc/bash/bash_completion.d/vmadm (need to have persistent symlink copy, writable root filesystem, or custom build).


Alternative wrapper


.bashrc excerpt

Example Usage

To put it simple the wrapper replaced alias=xxx with the actual uuid or empty if non existing.

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global global Delete
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