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This is a set of instructions to demonstrate how to set up a pair of zones where one of them is performing NAT for the other.

This could be generalized to a zone that performs NAT for a collection of zones/VMs, or other configurations as well.

Configure Etherstub

Configure Zones

Double NAT
My example happens to result in double NAT to reach the internet. My SmartOS machine is on a network that is itself NATed to the Internet. The "firewall" zone is NATing the client zone from a network onto that network.
Things to note
Note the "allow_ip_spoofing" setting on the firewall zone NICs
  1. Example JSON for "Firewall" Zone
  2. Example JSON for "Client" Zone/VM

Configure NAT

  1. Example /etc/ipf/ipnat.conf
  2. Turn on packet forwarding and ipfilter



Alternate Instructions for NAT on SmartOS

Unsupported bad ideas

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  1. Dec 21, 2012

    Without enabling route service, I am unable to make it work

  2. Apr 02, 2013

    I've followed this post but instead of having a dedicated zone I've configured the global zone as gateway/firewall:

    Any comments/suggestions are welcome.