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SDC on SmartOS Installation (work in progress)

What We'll Achieve

A complete SDC installation with one Head Node and one Compute Node in a (home) lab setup.


  • a working SmartOS installation
  • Internet connectivity
  • a CPU with VT-x and EPT support (for KVM)


Network setup

We will isolate the admin network of SDC because that has its own DHCP server and we don't want interference in our current network.

Headnode Descriptor
Pay attention to vlan_id set on 300 on the 2nd NIC. I already have a working DHCP installation at home and I didn't want SDC to conflict with my current setup. Its external network will have packets tagged with VLAN ID 300 and the same VLAN ID is configured on my border router for routing and NAT.
The 4GB virtual disk will be the boot disk (i.e. USB stick in real SDC).
Compute Node Descriptor
This is optional. I've wanted a CN to get the full experience.
It boots over the network
SDC download and copy
You need to adapt the usb image file name in dd command to your downloaded release. This is for 20151211T065814Z

Place the above two files in /tmp as sdc-headnode.json and sdc-compute.json.

Run the following in SmartOS GZ (global zone).

Proceed with install as described here:

Pay attention to assigned MAC addresses on the VM networks. The admin network of SDC is the one tagged with sdc_admin0 in SmartOS. The external SDC network is the one tagged with admin in SmartOS.
Compute Node setup

When the headnode is up and running you can proceed with compute node installation.

The CN setup is done through the AdminUI of SDC.


You may want to disable UHCI controller because of repeated warnings like

This is done by running the below command on both HN and CN

Optional stuff


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