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One of the authors of Wackamole recommends it's successor, vippy

Wackamole is an application which manages a bunch of IPs which should be accessible from outside all the time.

Given a set of machines and a IPs, wackamole will ensure that if any machine goes down, other machine will take up its IP almost instantly and outside world will see no impact.
It tries to balance the number of IPs across the number of machines available.
Wackamole uses Spread network messaging system.

It's a good alternative to VRRP which has some flaws.

Pros :

  • very easy to setup
  • works very well
  • ip switch very fast
  • lightweight solution
  • doesn't require vrrp or anything from the hypervisor

Cons :

  • none so far

Lets start configuring it. I am using two zones.
The concept can be extended to as many zones/VM/KVM as you want.

Step 1 : Here's my example configuration :

Step 2 : Install wackamole with pkgin (spread will come as a dependency) on both zones.

Step3 : Do these 2 parts on the first server.

Edit /opt/local/etc/wackamole.conf and put this :

Edit /opt/local/etc/spread.conf and put this :

Step4 : Start spread then wackamole on the first server.
You'll see a second network interface (net1:1 in my case, net0:1 if you only have one nic) on the first server with your virtual ip.

Step5 : Copy the 2 files above on the second server and start spread then wackamole.

All done.
If your first server goes down or is unplugged from the network, your virtual ip will automatically be switched to the second server.

(credits go to Aditya Patawari from

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