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DTrace exists to help you figure out how the system works and why the system is sluggish or acting in an unexpected manner. The name is short for Dynamic Tracing: a powerful idea pioneered by DTrace. Dynamic tracing allows one to peer into all parts of the system -- kernel, device drivers, libraries, services, web servers, applications, databases -- without any restarts, recompilations,or overhead. DTrace is a powerful tool in any programmer's toolkit, and has been included by default with various operating systems including Illumos, Solaris, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, and QNX. A Linux port is in development.

DTrace works by dynamically patching live running instructions with instrumentation code. The DTrace facility also supports Static Tracing: where user-friendly trace points are added to code and compiled-in before deployment.

DTrace provides a language, 'D', for writing DTrace scripts and one-liners. The language is like C and awk, and provides powerful ways to filter and summarize data in-kernel before passing to user-land. This is an important feature that enables DTrace to be used in performance-sensitive production environments, as it can greatly reduce the overhead of gathering and presenting data. ...more

There is also a pony.

DTrace for Beginners

More DTrace


Videos on DTrace

dtrace.conf 2012 Videos

For a good overview and wrap-up, see Adam's blog post on dtrace.conf.

State of the Union - video Bryan Cantrill
Setting the Agenda - video  
User-Level CTF - video Adam Leventhal
Dynamic Translators - video Dave Pacheco
Control flow & language enhancements - video Eric Schrock
Carousel ride!  
Clang Parser for DTrace - video John Thompson
Visualizations - video Brendan Gregg
Visualizations, Enabling toolchain for seamless USDT - video Theo Schlossnagle
Visualizations - video
Richard Elling
DTrace in node.js - video Mark Cavage
User-land probes for Erlang virtual machine - video Scott Lystig Fritchie
DTrace on Linux - video Kris Van Hees
ZFS DTrace provider Matt Ahrens
DTrace on FreeBSD - video Ryan Stone
Barriers to Adoption - video Jarod Jenson

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  1. Feb 22, 2013

    None of the links on this page will work, ever.

  2. Jun 25, 2013

    You can find the DTrace Tutorial on the "Way Back Machine" at

    But I doubt if any of the links from there will work.

    It's still a useful article. Someone should capture and re-edit it and put it somewhere, like maybe.