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There's an effort to consolidate community dataset servers at is also a list of community servers below.  To use them, simply add their source URL below to your /var/db/imgadm/sources.list file.  You can add as many as you like, but we recommend you always keep the official Joyent Dataset server in the list (

Once you've changed your sources, be sure to run imgadm update to refresh your local cache file.  Then use imgadm avail to view all the available choices.  For more information provided by the dataset authors, please visit the home page link corresponding to the source.

Source URL
Home Page
Comments Ben Rockwood Aug 6th, 2012 Nahum Shalman
Spice on SmartOS Aug 31st, 2012
Speaks the old DSAPI Daniel Malon!/about ? Also auto-generates JSON for using a particular image SkyLime Dec 2014 Contact wiedi or drscream on irc

The datasets are w/o any guarantee - use them at your own risk.

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