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h1. SmartOS Basics

* [Finding Your Way Around a SmartMachine|] \- This document from the Joyent cloud wiki is helpful to Linux users approaching SmartOS for the first time.
* [The Joyent Linux-to-SmartOS Cheat Sheet|]
* [Commands that Work Differently (from Linux) in SmartOS|]
* [SmartOS: A System Administrator's Primer|] (video, Ben Rockwood)

h1. SmartOS for Admins

* [DOC:Persistent Configuration for the Global Zone]

h3. SmartOS, a Primer for Sysadmins 


Ben Rockwood speaking at the BayLISA meetup at Joyent, August 16, 2012

h3. SmartOS Operations
Ben Rockwood at illumos Day, Oct 2012, gives a look at tools and techniques for large-scale operations in a SmartOS environment, from monitoring to configuration management and troubleshooting.

h3. KVM

* {color:#000000}[Migrating from VirtualBox to KVM on ZFS|]{color}
* [DOC:Changing virtual hardware of KVM zones]

h3. PXE

* [Serving SmartOS from your PXE server|]
* [DOC:Simple PXE Server] \- Using SmartOS to host a PXE server to serve SmartOS

h1. Adding Stuff to SmartOS

* [DOC:Working with Packages]
* [Installing Chef on Joyent's SmartOS|]
* [Installing Software on a SmartMachine|]
* [Converting Virtual Appliance Packages for Fun and Profit|]