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Images are managed using the imgadm tool. With this tool you can:

  • View & Download images available on a public image server
  • Import remote images or Install from local images
  • List, Show or Print details about an image
  • Destroy images

Here we'll discuss how to find available images and start using them. Then we'll look at what images are and how to create our own.


Viewing & Downloading Public Images

The default image server is and will be found in your /var/db/imgadm/sources.list file. Using the command imgadm update, you'll cause the local cache to be updated with the available images on the servers found in your sources.list. Once your local cache is updated, you can list all available images for use using imgadm avail:

# cat /var/db/imgadm/sources.list

# imgadm update
updating local images database...

# imgadm avail | head
UUID                                 OS      PUBLISHED  URN
6bf31ce2-f384-11e1-a338-e39c2fe4ab59 smartos 2012-08-31 sdc:sdc:mongodb:1.3.2
a0f8cf30-f2ea-11e1-8a51-5793736be67c smartos 2012-08-30 sdc:sdc:standard64:1.0.7
3390ca7c-f2e7-11e1-8818-c36e0b12e58b smartos 2012-08-30 sdc:sdc:standard:1.0.7
9604da58-f1ee-11e1-aba1-dbda3337ec46 smartos 2012-08-29 sdc:sdc:mongodb:1.3.1
15c77de2-f1ed-11e1-8688-47d8455c7932 smartos 2012-08-29 sdc:sdc:standard64:1.0.5
2baee822-f1eb-11e1-8383-f762d43a424c smartos 2012-08-29 sdc:sdc:standard:1.0.5
e8c41d40-f161-11e1-b839-a3631c115653 smartos 2012-08-28 sdc:sdc:base64:1.7.2
9012a9c2-f15d-11e1-a33a-afaec53ebde9 smartos 2012-08-28 sdc:sdc:base:1.7.2
45e0fa58-db5e-11e1-a1f0-df041127b335 smartos 2012-07-31 sdc:sdc:mongodb:1.3.0

To download one of these images, say "base64", we'll import it using the images UUID:

# imgadm import e8c41d40-f161-11e1-b839-a3631c115653
e8c41d40-f161-11e1-b839-a3631c115653 doesnt exist. continuing with install
e8c41d40-f161-11e1-b839-a3631c115653 successfully installed
image e8c41d40-f161-11e1-b839-a3631c115653 successfully imported

# imgadm list
UUID                                 OS      PUBLISHED  URN
e8c41d40-f161-11e1-b839-a3631c115653 smartos 2012-08-28 sdc:sdc:base64:1.7.2

To learn how to create a Zone or VM from these images, please refer to:

  • ...
  • ...

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