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Creating Zones

Zones on SmartOS use a special zone brand named 'joyent'. The default ipkg brand is not included with SmartOS, as SmartOS does not use ipkg. To configure a zone you must first currently have a zpool named 'zones' mounted at /zones. The dataset setup script ensures this is the case.

After this, a zone template dataset must be imported. Zone templates are SmartOS images with pkgsrc included. Datasets are available through the Joyent dataset API at . This leads to a JSON formatted list of dataset metadata in which you will find several versioned SmartOS datasets. You will want to find the 'url' field of the most recent dataset, for instance:

the url of this entry would be "".

Once you have determined the dataset you wish to use, download, uncompress and import (zfs receive or zfs recv) it, for instance like so:

You will then be able to create and install zones and virtual machines using vmadm create.

vmadm create is a tool for fast provisioning of zones; it takes a json payload and clones a dataset in to a working zone.

To use vmadm create you must first start by creating your zone definition file, for instance copying this in to /tmp/zonedef  (substituting the dataset_uuid and network information that's appropriate):

then simply 

and vmadm will respond with a status and your zone will be created and booted.

An alternative to managing your local datasets via manual parsing of, is to use the dsadm utility.

If the file
does not exist, the dsadm utility won't know where to fetch datasets from.  Running this command should fix it:

To list all available datasets from Joyent:

To list all local datasets installed in zones:

To import a dataset from Joyent, use the UUID of the dataset (from dsadm avail):

The dataset is now downloaded and installed at zones/UUID.

Once you have created a zone with vmadm create, you can log into your zone via one of two methods:


Please refer to the manpage for vmadm and zlogin respectively, for the escape sequence to exit out of console mode.

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