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The original (and only) dtrace.conf in 2008 was a smash hit – even the analysts were raving! In pace with the Olympiad, it's time once again to bring the community together for dtrace.conf 2012! This Joyent-sponsored community event will be held in downtown San Francisco (likely SoMA, but exact venue TBD) on Tuesday, April 3rd. Note that there may be a small attendance fee to help defray costs.

As with the inaugural dtrace.conf, this will be a technical conference for people who are using DTrace, expanding its boundaries, and contributing to its growth and health. This will be done in unconference style, so every attendee should come prepared to present or otherwise lead a discussion or session. Note that "just using DTrace" is more than sufficient for leading a discussion or session: if you're ready to talk about what you found in technical detail – and how DTrace helped you (or didn't!) – we would love for you to join us at dtrace.conf.


If you are interested in joining Joyent in sponsoring dtrace.conf (which may include your name/logo on the t-shirts, etc.), contact Deirdré.


To register for the conference, just edit this page and add yourself! (Or email Deirdré).

  Name Affiliation Proposed Session Topic DTrace Claim to Fame T-shirt size
1 Bryan Cantrill Joyent   Team DTrace M
2 Adam Leventhal Delphix   Team DTrace L
3 Brendan Gregg Joyent   DTraceToolkit, DTrace book, some DTrace providers
4 Robert Mustacchi
  DTrace/KVM integration, Meta-D
5 Dave Pacheco Joyent Building a ustack helper Node.js ustack helper, Apache mod_usdt, USDT docs M
6 Bill Pijewski Joyent   File and block I/O providers XL
7 Scott Lystig Fritchie Basho   2nd/3rd? round of USDT probes for the Erlang virtual machine L
8 Matt Amdur Delphix   DTrace pornstar. Can spell drtace most of the time  
9 Stephen O'Grady RedMonk   An analyst who knows what DTrace is XL
10 Mike Harsch Sun Microsystems   I typed in all the DTrace Book example scripts (all 243 of them) XL
11 Jonathan Adams
  Code reviewed uts/common/dtrace/dtrace.c
12 Theo Schlossnagle OmniTI/Circonus   Project DTrace (probes in Apache 2.2/2.4 and PostgreSQL) L
13 Deirdré Straughan Joyent   pony wrangler M
14 Alex Rosenberg Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios   wearing a ribbon that says "Participant" L
15 Craig Morgan Nexenta Systems   DTrace integration into local toolsets XL
16 Gavin Uhma GoInstant   Using DTrace to analyze a node.js HTTP proxy S
17 Richard Elling Richard Elling Consulting   Wages war on bad performance with a DTrace arsenal L
18 Greg Albrecht Splunk   HATES SLOW L
19 Kyle Hailey
  NFS and ZFS  monitoring with DTrace
20 John Thompson Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios   Experimenting with making Clang a DTrace frontend. M
21 Garrett D'Amore illumos   Inserts DTrace probes into painful places. XL
22 Dustin Sallings Couchbase   Abducted erlang vm. Probed it. Learned stuff. M
23 Niall Dalton None   Added USDT probes to Kx kdb+. Used dtrace to debug/tune fast trading systems amongst other nefarious activities. M
24 Chris Johnson
Juniper Networks   Using DTrace for performance testing and optimization XL
25 Jason Hoffman Joyent Pathology and You I've never lost faith L
26 Peter Sanford Nearbuy Systems   Attempting to use DTrace on linux (Paul Fox's port). M
27 Nate Mueller Nearbuy Systems   Totally DTrace ruby all the time M
Rick Weisner
Oracle   Field Practioner
29 John Grafton None   Receives blank looks from other OS admins when proselytizing probes! XL
Ben Rockwood
  User Thereof
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