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* *urn*: A special string for describing the image in the form "cloud_name:creator_name:name:version"; for the "cloud_name" I suggest "smartos" if you are unsure, the creator name is usually your organization. The string should not contain spaces. (eg: "smartos:cuddletech:plan9:1.0.0")
* *type*: The type of image, either "zvol" for KVM or "zone-dataset" for Zones
* *os*: The OS of this image (this is required, but not validated or used, so use whatever you like)
* *os*: The OS of this image, required. As of this writing, must be one of smartos, linux, windows, bsd, illumos, other.
* *files*: An array of one or more file objects, containing the following properties for each:
** *path*: Local file path to the image data file (compressed zfs dump)