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The original (and only) dtrace.conf in 2008 was a smash hit-\- even the [analysts were raving|]\! In pace with the Olympiad, it's time once again to bring the community together for dtrace.conf 2012\! This Joyent-sponsored community event will be held on Tuesday, April 3rd *at the* *[Children's Creativity Museum|]**, 4th and Howard (entrance behind the carousel) in downtown San Francisco*. 

* [Schedule|DOC:dtrace.conf Schedule]

As with the inaugural dtrace.conf, this will be a technical conference for people who are using DTrace, expanding its boundaries, and contributing to its growth and health. If you're ready to talk about what you found in technical detail -- and how DTrace helped you (or didn't\!) -- we would love for you to join us at dtrace.conf.