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h3. [Download SmartOS (USB Image)|] Image)|]

* *smartos\-*{*}_(timestamp)_{*}*.iso*: Live Image ISO
* *smartos\-*{*}_(timestamp)_{*}*\-usb.img.bz2*: Live Image USB image (This is the preferred installation method)
* *smartos\-*{*}_(timestamp)_{*}*.vmwarevm.tar.bz2*: VMware Image (VMX Format) _+\- Please Note\!  KVM is not supported under VMware; Zones-Only.+_
* *smartos\-*{*}_(timestamp)_{*}*.vmwarevm.tar.bz2*: VMware Image (VMX Format) _+\- Please Note\!  Make sure nested virtualization is enabled if you want to use KVM or BHYVE..+_
* *SINGLE_USER_ROOT_PASSWORD.*{*}_(timestamp)_{*}*.txt*: Contains the default root password for the live image (needed only when booting without mounting the zpool)