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Page: About Memory Usage and Capping
When monitoring the memory usage of processes and zones, the numbers may not seem to add up, which can lead to confusion. This topic explains how SmartOS calculates the various values and why they normally do not agree. In this topic: Calculating the RSS of a Process ...
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Page: Configuring NFS in SmartOS
nbsp;      Configuring NFS in SmartOS        Troy Dietrich 1367804639 In the past, I've written up configuring NFS in Solaris, FreeBSD, and Linux. Now ...
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Page: CPU Bursting
CPU bursting is a feature of SmartOS that allows hosted web applications in a zone to temporarily use more CPU cycles than is allocated to a virtual machine, providing a temporary performance boost. In this topic: Baseline vs. Cap Virtual machines running SmartOS ...
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Home page: Home
Search All Things SmartOS Useful information about SmartOS, illumos et al is scattered among a number of sources. You can now search them all at once with SmartOS Search (a Google custom search ...
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Page: Zones
Inspired by FreeBSD jails, the fundamental technology behind a SmartMachine is the concept of zones. A zone is a virtualized instance of SmartOS that behaves like an isolated system even when functioning along side other zones on the same ...
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