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Puppet is a very popular configuration management tool on a variety of platforms. Here you'll find tips on using Pupppet on SmartOS.

Installation via PKG-SRC

The easiest way to get started with Puppet is to install it from PKG-SRC. To get started, ensure that pkgin is installed as stated here: Installing pkgin

Now, simply install either the ruby18-puppet or ruby19-puppet package, as you prefer. All dependencies will be installed as needed:

# pkgin in ruby19-puppet
calculating dependencies... done.

nothing to upgrade.
5 packages to be installed: libiconv-1.14nb2 db4-4.8.30 ruby19-facter-1.6.10nb1 ruby19-base-1.9.2pl320 ruby19-puppet-2.7.18nb1 (105M to download, 0B to install)

proceed ? [Y/n] y
downloading packages...
As of joyent_20120809T221258Z, users can not be created in the global zone due to the way /etc/shadow is loopback mounted to /usbkey/shadow. If you wish to work around this you will create a transient SMF service which umounts the loopback mount, copies /usbkey/shadow to /etc/shadow, and creates the puppet user prior to executing puppet.

This problem will also cause installation the puppet package in the global zone to fail with warnings, therefore preform the replacement of /etc/shadow prior to attempting to install and proceed with caution.


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