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(v 0.6.0 image)

If you want to use SmartOS with more then one person or are just "consolophobe" there is a partial solution, project fifo. Lets go through it to to see what you can get out of it:

Project FIFO - A SmartOS GUI Management Suite.

Try it out

The current version is 0.6.0, it is pretty easy to use.

Features (of Project FIFO)

  • Creating / deleting VM's.
  • Starting / Stopping VM's.
  • Resizing and updating VM's including adding/removing NICs.
  • Snapshot creation and rollback.
  • Automated IP pool management.
  • noVNC integration - you can fully interact with KVM vm's through the browser.
  • Zone Console support - you acces zone consoles form the browser.
  • Detailed rights management.
  • Multi-Node management with auto discovery
  • REST based API
  • DTrace analytics
  • live hypervisor and VM metrics
  • Integrated dataset/image management including image creation
  • SNMP Monitoring of the system
  • SSH Key management
  • Yubikey support for MFA
  • console client
  • LeoFS integration for backups of machines and image storage, including the posibilitie to restore on different hypervisors (migration of VMs).
  • Multi datacenter support by syncronizin authentication data.
  • Build to be fault tollerant and highly available.


Installation steps

Please look at the official installation manual and the

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