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Here is a list of guest systems with notes and remarks regarding their installation.

Name Version SmartOS Build Support Notes
Ubuntu Server 11.10 20120322T181745Z full  
Ubuntu Server 12.04 20120809T221258Z full  
BSD   20120322T181745Z partial use IDE disks during install and move to virtio after installing the modules in the guest system
Windows 2008 SP2 20130725T202435Z
partial mount Virtio driver ISO during install (use Windows 8, AMD64)
Windows 2008 R2  6.1.7601 SP1 20120504T040233Z partial use IDE disks for install. haven't tried moving to virtio disk yet.
Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise SP1 20130725T202435Z
partial mount Virtio driver ISO during install;realtime clock doesn't work accurately (unable to run Geekbench)
Windows 2012 Datacenter 20130725T202435Z
partial mount Virtio driver ISO during install; windows fails to get IP settings, only default-gateway
CentOS 6.2 (220.17.1.el6 kernel) 20120504T040233Z full  
Solaris 11 11 11/11 20120504T040233Z partial
use IDE disks for install and rtl8139 for network, use "rem_drv uhci" to get rid of usb messages
I still get some ata0 errors but they don't seem to affect platform stability
Haiku R1 Alpha3 20120809T221258Z partial See Haiku Dataset README
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  1. Nov 22, 2012


    Is there any possibility of adapting a following operating system's:

    1. Joli OS (like OS Chromium) to turn any low cost computer,
    2. Sugar Learning Platform
    3. Windows XP/7/8 ?

    SmartOS run the two low-cost hardware servers to systems serving these old computers (lite OS client SPICE).

    Setup for educational purposes in primary schools.