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This script manifest and method extend the lofs mounts that are included in Joyent's svc:/system/filesystem/smartdc SMF service (/lib/svc/manifest/system/filesystem/joyent-fs.xml) to include /etc/passwd and /etc/group, along with logic to keep the analogs in /usbkey/ in sync with the active system variants in /etc/.

Place both files in /opt/custom/smf, and when you would like to add/modify/delete system users in the global zone, run `svcadm disable mount_usbkey_userfiles` and make your changes. When you are finished, run `svcadm enable mount_usbkey_userfiles` to bring the system back into 'normal' working mode.

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To verify you are member of multiple groups. You should use "id -a", as id will just show the main group by default only





mount_usbkey_userfiles (chmod 755)

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